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Guide to Cumbria
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helpAn entry with photos is FREE. Some optional premium fields require a fee. These premium fields have an "Add" check-box which needs to be checked to enable the field, e.g. for a featured listing you must tick both of the featured listing boxes. Both free and premium listings run for 12 months.

You only need to fill in required fields marked with an * or fields that apply to your listing type e.g. attraction or accommodation.

Once listed you'll be able to login and update, edit or renew your listing at any time before it expires. Fees will be totalled and payment options will be presented at the end of the entry process.

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    website If you'd like to add a link to your own website on your listing please tick the box on the left & include your web address below.
    This option is not free. The price is: 15.99 GBP

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    Is this listing a restaurant?

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    If so please select the type of activity or attraction that you are listing. If a suitable type isn't listed please select 'other attractions' and we will add a suitable category for you. You can also send us an email to suggest one to


    Please tick any facilities that apply.

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    adThe 'teaser' text is a couple of lines shown in the category and search views. The 'description' is the full text for your listing.

    Featured Listings

    featuredMake your entry stand out from the rest by making it featured. Featured listings are rotated prominently on the top right of all pages in the directory as well as on our homepage, weather and beach pages and are placed above other listings in their category.
    This option is not free. The price is: 29.99 GBP


    mappingTo display a map on your listing please enter in the latitude and longitude of the location or click your location on the map below to enter these in automatically.

    Gallery and Photos

    galleryThe gallery images are displayed as a strip of thumbnails on your main advert. Visitors can click them to enlarge or view them as a slide show. You may upload up to 6 photos to your gallery.

    If you have problems uploading large images just send them to us at

    Main Image: This is the large image shown at the top of your entry.
    Icon: This is the small thumbnail image shown in the category and search result pages.
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